Update: DN2020 December Conference 


 I hope you are doing well & staying safe.

This has been a year filled with challenges for people & organizations around the globe.   And Digital Nomad 2020 has been proud to able to help fill a need for many impacted by COVID19 & seeking to find a better way to earn a living.  A location independent way.

I am Matt Dykstra, Founder of Digital Nomad 2020, and I would like to thank each and every one of you who has attended.  Our speakers strive to give our members the very best of information & help you build the skills you need to work remotely & potentially start your own remote business.

As you may have noticed advertising & posting for the conference dropped significantly since our August conference. While the conference internally had not been heavily impacted by COVID19 previously, starting late August our luck began to change. By the early November practically our entire global team had been taken offline due to COVID19 or related issues. 

To add to the impact, many of our speakers are experiencing similar issues & have been unable to meet submission deadlines or provide the level of presenation they wanted. Thus, creating a situation where we did not feel we had the staff to properly run our December 2020 conference, nor had we assembled the presentations & materials we wanted.  

Faced with these facts, we are reorganizing/rescheduling the December conference & upcoming Power Panel to April 2021.   All DN2020 & DN2020 Power Ticket holders will be provided will full access to the April Conference.

Thank you for your understanding & we appoligize for any inconviences this delay creates.  I admit this reschedule is not my first choice.  But we are using this additional time to rebuild our staff, 
 upgrade our tools & making a number of other changes.   

All steps designed to make April’s conference OUR BEST YET!

Thank you & stay safe!

Matt Dykstra