Remote Workers, Freelancers, Digital Nomads
AND Remote Employers!  
By 2035 every 3rd person in the world will be a Remote Worker. 
 Yet only 18% of Remote Workers today make $100K a Year or more...

Our Goal: Create More +6 figure Remote Workers/Digital Nomads and Remote Business Owners!

Will YOU Be One Of them? 

We are inviting TOP leaders to share their learnings & best practices...
To help YOU create a thriving business & the lifestyle of your dreams. 

 ...Whether you are still day dreaming at the office, stuck at home, initiated your first steps OR have been a Nomad for years...

JOIN the Experts at Our Online Conference Series!
Your $19.99 Ticket Gets You Into The Entire Year!

JOIN TOP industry leaders covering topics such as:

How to Get Started as a Remote Worker and/or Digital Nomad
Work Opportunities for the Location Independent Entrepreneurs 
Finding the Right Business Model for You
The Secret to Winning in Affiliate Marketing
Monetizing Your Existing Digital Content
How to be Successful with e-Commerce
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Advertising Secrets
Working as a Freelancer/Virtual Assistant in 2020
Creating Your Own Digital Marketing Agency
Taxation for a Laptop Lifestyle 
Making Your Domestic Possessions Work For YOU!
Overlooked Revenue Streams
Scaling Your Business and Creating 1 to Many Opportunities 
... and more!

& Remote Business Owners 
We invitited TOP industry experts, over 6 days and three unique conferences to teach you strategies you can use to create a thriving business.    
This is RIGHT for you if you are... 
● Stuck at home due to the current Corana Virus Pandemic & want to secure a second income.
● Frustrated at the thought of having to take a low-paying job or perhaps you can’t find any work at all.
● Have started an online business but can’t make it pay the bills regardless of working day and night with no vacation in sight. 
● Tired of spending all your time working and watching your life pass you by.
● Staying awake at night because you are years behind on your taxes & do not know what to do about it.
● Working too hard to get new clients, rather than bringing them in on autopilot.
● Feeling like you're always behind, and never making any real progress.
● Looking for real passive income sources so you can spend more time living and less time working.

Whatever your situation, many of our speakers have been there as well. They will share their own lessons and best practices so YOU do not have to go through the same pain. 

Want to Attend OUR LARGEST CONFERENCE THIS YEAR for just 19.99? 
Click the Button Below to Get Your Ticket Today

As Remote Workers, Digital Nomads & Remote Business Owners ourselves we understand not everyone works on the same schedule.
 Digital Nomad 2020 gives you the option to join presentations as they are released
OR watch on your own schedule. 

Digital Nomad 2020 isn't just a single conference!
Your Ticket Gives You Access to The ENTIRE YEAR of Our Conference Series,
Unique Online Events & a Discount on Digital Nomad 2022's Conference Series!

Participate LIVE in our Facebook Group & Watch Presentations on Your Schedule!

Digital Nomad 2020 WILL COME TO YOU!

Particularly with the current Corona Virus Pandemic travel is simply not an option for most of us.  So this year we are 100% ONLINE!

No need to get dressed up or abandon your favorite chair. 
Digital Nomad 2020 will come to your computer, laptop or phone!

Heck, you can tune in laying on the couch in yoga pants & eating chips!
(I promise we won't tell anyone :)


Every speaker shares a singular goal… 
To help you! 

Most presentations run between 30 to 60 minutes in length.
ALL PRESENTATIONS are added to our Conference Member's Site for on-demand replay after they broadcast & during the conference.  So you can pause presentations as needed... watch again & again, take detailed notes & take action as you watch.  

We want you to succeed, but it will take more than just listening, it takes action.  But with our private Facebook Group you'll have support! (See below)


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for Digital Nomad 2020 where we’ll be partying it up and working together to make sure you get the most out of your time.

Have a question, an idea or just need someone to pass the salsa?  Jump in!

We know that many people are strapped for funds. Therefore, we decided to offer a Speical Limited Time COVID 19 price of $19.99.  

Do you have tickets to the December Online Conference?  
Never worry, All December or Earlier Ticket Holders will Receive FREE Access to April's Conference!

Plus Anyone Who Purchases Tickets for April's Online Conference will have access to ALL the presentations on-demand from the time of broadcast in our Facebook Group to 24 hours after the Weekend Conference ends!

When registering, you can upgrade to the Digital Nomad Power Ticket (also currently discounted) to gain access to our INVITATION ONLY POWER PANEL! 
Some of our best speakers - Answering YOUR Questions!


 LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL DIGITAL NOMAD 2020's Presentations (a $2,999 value).


There are a lot of conferences, summits, training, and workshops out there. 
So what makes this one different?

First, this event was created specifically by Remote Workers, Digital Nomads And Remote Business Owners. 

You do NOT have to live overseas or travel abroad to qualify. 
Every single presentation is specially focused on the idea of helping YOU create a thriving Location-Independent business - NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE

So you can make a living anywhere -  the only true requirements are a laptop and internet access :)

Second, we know that success does not happen overnight... 
not even remotely. 

Yes, there will be a LOT of information provided, but instead of hitting you with it all at once, we are spacing our program out over multiple unique two & three day conferences across 2020. 

Giving you the time to implement, see results & then come back to learn more.
Don't make this the year of the virus...
Make This The Year You...

● Stop doing things the hard way, just because it's what you’re used to.
● Finally start living life on YOUR terms – How YOU Want & Where YOU Want!
● Learn from successful Remote Workers & Digital Nomads so YOU can find your own SUCCESS.

Join us for Digital Nomad 2020 today!


Is this only for people who are already Remote Workers & Digital Nomads?
We designed each conference weekend & event for anyone who wants to become a Remote Worker and/or Digital Nomad, as well as those already taking the plunge! 

What if I never want to work anywhere but home?
Where you work... where you live... its all up to you.  We are here to help you learn how to build that income stream - a stream that only requires you have access to the internet - not ties you to a specific office or place. 

Why $19.99 and not FREE? 
We want to make this affordable to everyone, but at the same time, we know that people do not value things they get for FREE.  All of us have signed up for something (for Free) & then never showed up for the event.  

So while we want as many people as possible to show up, we also look to work with people who are ready to take action and to invest in their future. 

...oh and yes, then there is cost of running the conference (don't tell our bookkeepers I almost forgot that! :) )

When is this whole thing happening?
Digital Nomad 2020 is divided into multiple separate & unique online conferences/events across the year.  The next online conference is scheduled for April 20201.

Quesions about December 2020's Conference?
December's online conference is being combined with April's due to the unavoidable impact of COVID19.  All Ticket holders for December's Conference will receive FREE access to April's online conference.  We appoligize for any inconvience this may cause.  For additional information please read this linked letter from our founder.

How long will each presentation be available?
With our basic ticket you will have access to content from the moment it is broadcasted on our private Facebook Group thru 24 hours after the weekend conference ends. However if you can grab the Digital Nomad 2020 Power Ticket you will not only have access to our POWER PANEL but as one of your FREE Bonuses, you will also receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all of Digital Nomad 2020's Presenations!

Will you give all the speakers my email address?
No, that's up to you. We will NOT sell or share your email address with any of the speakers.

That way, you only hear from the people you really love and don't have to worry about getting added to 100+ email lists that you're not interested in. You will have an option to choose whether you would like to follow any of the speakers or join their mailing list. 

Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Are the presentations live?
Most presentations are pre-recorded and will be available during the event. Attendees to our conference are from around the world & not necessarily all available at the same time.

Additionally this allows us to avoid (or reduce the chances for) tech glitches, save everyone’s sanity, and keep things easy for the speakers.

An exception to this (depending on speaker's schedules) maybe our Exclusive POWER PANEL . This panel is only available for Digital Nomad 2020's Power Ticket holders.

Are you still accepting speakers?
All of our speakers for this summit are hand-picked and our slots fill up quickly. However, as we space presentations over multiple separate conferences & events – depending on when you are reading this, we may still be accepting applications.
If you are interested in applying, click here

Are you still accepting applications for sponsors?
We are always looking for great partners who share our mission - GET PEOPLE WORKING!!!! We will accept proposals and ideas that add value to our attendees. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please click here.

Are you still accepting applications for affiliates?
Depending on when you are reading this we are likely still accepting applications. If you are interested click here to apply.

I still have questions!
No problem! Shoot an email over to and in most cases we'll get back to you within 3 business days.

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